Jan 16, 2015

After The Party - With Sha Rizel At Nadine-J

Sha Rizel had been super busy in 2013 but relatively quiet for the most part of 2014. While it has always been (and of course still is) worth visiting her Twitter - Sha kept posting these original looking, intriguing manifestations of herself. At the end of last year she felt that this is not enough (or something like that) and got ready for the cameras again. I'd guess Daktari then didn't think twice before flying to the Ukraine, to catch his own impressions of this unique beauty with her gorgeous big boobs. After Bubble Chair (released last year), here comes the second release from these new sets, After The Party. The official party is over, but now comes the time to celebrate Sha Rizel's boobies and her seductive talents. This is the latest update at Nadine Jansen's site and the original image quality, as usual, better than these re-compressed copies here.


Liza Biggs Returns To Score - Who Would Go Home Now?

She had her modeling debut early October 2014, making a huge and lasting impression. Liza Biggs is graced with these tremendous 36JJJ boobs, and such a personality! I don't want to repeat what i've said before, just go to her Twitter, read and wonder. Or get addicted even more by looking her big collection of self shots. Have we seen such a girl before? I don't think so. Even better, she is sweet and real when answering questions. 

Last year Score released her first batch work on their various sites, close to 10 updates (counting photo sets & videos separately). Liza hasn't been at other sites so far. But she announced her own site which should launch in a couple of weeks. On her Twitter she describes herself as "GlamModel", but she linked LizaXXX has her coming site. Mysterious things going on behind this pretty face! Time will tell us more.

In December Score flew her in again, and now the first new release is fresh off the presses: Go Biggs Or Go Home - a solo set out at Scoreland, a matching video at Scoreland and Pornmegaload. Liza Biggs in this shiny green dress, looking irresistible, and off goes the dress! Nobody will go home now, right?


Nov 26, 2014

Nadine Jansen New Update: My Life In The Bath Tub. Yes, She's Fully Nude!

Nadine Jansen has been and keeps doing her monthly updates. Her fans surely would love to see more, but that's what we're getting. At the same time her site keeps getting populated with top hotties like (very recently) Hitomi - solo, and with pregnant Katharina Hartlova, Sha Ritzel (last week), Lina (this week) and new amazing talent.

Nadine's brand new update on her site (just the first part is out so far) shows her taking an intensive bath. It's Nadine in her casual style, pure Nadine as you could imagine her looking in real life, and she just shines. Well, tell me the style she wouldn't shine in! So we're getting plenty of awesome views of these legendary big boobs. But not just of these 36J treasures. We're seeing - never a very frequent view throughout her 14 years of modeling - a fully nude Nadine. Well, to the extent she would show off… Image quality on her site is even better than these samples!


Nov 21, 2014

Alice 85JJ Is Showing Off Her White Bra - At OMGBigBoobs

… and she looks so amazingly flirty! No surprise since she knows that we love to see her. But in general she is showing an amazingly charming vibe more recently. Or did she have that right from the start, and i just didn't focus? Anyway, OMGBigBoobs - a sister site to DivineBreasts - have a lot of updates with Alicia 85JJ. More samples


Nov 18, 2014

Nurse Hitomi And Pregnant Katharina Hartlova - At Nadine Jansen's

Only a couple of weeks ago i started to follow Hitomi's Twitter. Must say she does a great job with it. It's about half in Japanese, half in English - fair enough! Hitomi posts a whole range of stuff, from locations where she is traveling to, behind the scenes pics or just photos of herself. She comes across as a very determined girl with a sweet vibe. Very kool. From there the news got official that she is in Europe (for the first time ever, i assume) - in Germany, to be exact and shooting for Nadine Jansens's and Milena Velba's site. Several updates have gone live since then.

The other recent big news has been Katharina Hartlova (aka Katerina, Kata etc) being pregnant. The first update came with a video to Nadine's site - Katerina taking care of her beginning to expand body. She was 4 months pregnant then. This one now - Hitomi Meets Katharina - was shot more recently, towards the end of October, during Hitomi's surprise travel to Germany. Obviously! Katharina feels that she needs a good breast massage. Good to have a nurse like Hitomi around! Sure enough, Katharina returns  the favor later. And eventually we do not only see massages of, but also WITH breasts. Hitomi Meets Katharina has hit Nadine Jansen's site early November in various formats and is running 25 minutes! 


Nov 16, 2014

Gorgeous Tit-Together At Score: Liza Biggs & Jenna Valentine

You wouldn't expect these 2 girls appearing together, right? Rather you would expect them focusing onto quite different games and stages. But what do we know?… Jenna Valentine is around for a couple of years now. She is quite a character. And one of the most popular goth-style girls, not just in the big boobs scene. She has always an amazingly genuine and personal look, something that i'm often missing with other goth models. For this reason alone, her amazingly genuine and personal way, you should follow her Twitter. And she has such a sweet twisted sense of humor. I think i feel these qualities are visible in her pics and videos too. Seeing these new shots, doesn't Jenna look super curvy now?

Liza Biggs debuted just last month. She has an almost mysterious range of changing looks and expressions, like as if she could be this character for one second, and another one the next second. That's very unique, and very fascinating. And then she has these dramatically gorgeous looking 36JJJ boobs. Oh boy!! She is a tremendous new discovery. After the introducing sets (photos & videos) she went extremely fast hardcore (with the 2nd batch of releases), and anal with the next release. Not sure if that was a good decision, at least in terms of seeing herself cut off from many (possible) future choices, and the longevity of her career. Nearly all models turning to that route found themselves stuck quite soon, with strictly one-dimensional options, i. e. plain generic/trashy content. However, Liza Biggs is also a girl who posts amazingly genuine, insightful or just interesting comments on her Twitter - just like Jenna Valentine. We will see… So Liza & Jenna have both these tremendous big boobs, and at least one more thing in common: They don't talk fluff! I think Boob Sorority shows that they are a wonderful duo. More samples:

Screen shots from sample clip#1 and sample clips#2  


Mar 28, 2014

Hitomi - The Student Body

Hitomi just rules. Scoreland must be very happy having her as a model, as the only non-Japanese company. Last Autumn Score have launched a dedicated site, gradually releasing all the content they've shot with her (which is quite a bunch now). And Score sites members voted her Model Of The Year. Hitomi is the busty model to watch! A couple of days ago - after several updates in the recent months - came Student Body, another photo set and video release shot in the Dominican Republic. Hitomi has some quiet time in her room, the view is great, and she could do some studying. So she takes her clothes off… and shows us an ever better view. Of course i'm not telling news when i say that that Hitomi is exceptional. But seeing how incredibly big her boobs are looking especially in the video, priceless! The pictorial to Student Body is out at Scoreland, the video at Score2Go, ScoreHD and Scoreland. More samples:

Screen shots from the Flash trailer & the WMV sample clips 


Mar 20, 2014

Miosotis - Netted. And Using My Chair!

I know, this blog needs updates. I just have been too busy with other stuff in the past weeks, mainly music. So it's about time to reorder priorities again… Miosotis of course was not using MY chair - maybe i wish she would :D We've seen this chair before when Kristina Milan was blessing it with her overflowing curves. And now it's Miosotis' turn. Maybe somebody would pay a good price for this special piece of furniture? Either way, this net dress obviously does gives a perfect impression of how incredibly huge her boobs are, no matter if she is sitting on or standing next to this infamous chair. Did i mention that i love chair sets anyway? What a sweet opportunity to show off in all kinds of ways! In Tit Net has been released at The-Real-Miosotis (a couple of weeks ago), Mio's personal site, the only place to find new Miosotis content, and occasionally Kristina Milan too.

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